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Are you looking for stories and pictures about kayaking, hiking, or visiting various travel spots? TalkingStory is the place for you. We offer detailed information and pictures from many travel locations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Now you can see the sights before you visit. Would you like to visit a beautiful alpine lake? What about warm, tropical shores? Or how about a hike through green forests? We have the stories here! This additional information will assist you in your decision making about what places to visit. More stories are constantly being added.

"Talking story" is one of the great traditions of Hawaii. It means taking the time to share stories, history, ideas and opinions with other people. We have used this tradition to share information relating to our own travels. We hope this information will help you experience your own adventures. Try it...we think you'll get as much enjoyment from the experiences as we did! Please click on a location below.


For stories related to kayaking, hiking, camping and sightseeing, please select a location below. Please come back for more stories to be added later!

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California: Silver Lake Kayaking and Sidetrip to Woods Lake, 8/14/2006
California: Camp Richardson Camping and Kayaking, 8/27/2006
California: Lower Blue Lake Kayaking and Sidetrip to Lost Lake, 9/4/2006

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